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Lifts was set up in 2005 by its owner, Łukasz Karczewski and now operates throughout Poland.
We aim to deliver the best possible solutions to working at a height. With this in mind, we offer professional machinery: lift bows, scissor bows, telescopic lifts, forklifts and scaffolding.

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Your equipment service
Specialists employed by P.W. Lifts deal with comprehensive service of movable low-speed mobile platforms, such as scissor lifts, telescopic lifts, articulated telescopic booms and others. Workshop of the company P.W. Lifts has the equipment necessary to quickly and efficiently repair failures of work equipment at heights ...

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Secure transaction
Since 2005, hundreds of clients have trusted us. We treat each one individually. We remember security in many dimensions - at the level of quality of the equipment offered, but also at the stage of settlements. We are characterized by professionalism, transparency and stability...

Guarantee of quality
Hoists and platforms offered by podosniki.pl are modern, safe and fully professional equipment. They also have current surveys of the Office of Technical Inspection. Their condition is constantly monitored so that each mobile platform is of the highest quality.
Professional advisory
In each element of the work, the representatives of podnosniki.pl take care of a professional approach to the client. Listening to your needs, we choose the equipment that is right for you. We also provide experience in the purchase of machines.
trainings on the operation of gas-powered hoists
learning how to operate electric lifts
training on the use of cantilever rigs
learning how to use telescopic articulated booms
training on the operation of lifts in the trailer
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JLG 3246ES LB180 42000 zł netto
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Office and workshop:
ul. Flisacka 17a
85-425 Bydgoszcz, POLAND
Phone: +48 733 377 377

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday

+48 662 844 852

+48 792 323 323 

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