We offer fuel and electric powered lifts for hire, booms and mobile platforms.

If you would like more information about machines for hire, please click here or call 662 844 852 or email info@podnosniki.pl.

Electric lifts are used in confined spaces. They are compact, manoeuvrable and ergonomic. The smallest models are 76cm wide, less than 2 m high and have turning radius of 1.7m. This is why they are suitable for a wide range of indoor projects and tasks especially that they fit in the standard sized doorway.

Electric powered mobile platforms are used when working with fuel powered machines is not permitted (factories and premises where pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, food or other similar products are manufactured as well as shopping centres).
An additional benefit of using electric powered mobile platforms is non-marking tyres that leave any types of floors free of marks and stains.

Fuel powered lifts allow most awkward jobs to be completed with ease, including working on rough terrains and high level applications. This is possible due to the optional four-wheel drive and differential lock.
The additional features such as jacklegs allow the fuel powered scissor bows to level the working platform and work on uneven terrain
Most fuel powered platforms are large and durable. Their maximum safe working load is 1136kg and up to seven persons can be lifted on a deck. The dimensions of the platform can reach up to 8m by 2.5 m.

Our fleet includes fuel powered boom jigs and articulating telescopic booms. These are suitable for working on difficult, uneven terrains, where obstacles or protruding elements are present. They provide a side outreach of 18 m and steady rotation around its axis as an optional feature.

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